Frequently Asked Questions

No, In order  to redeem a gift card, it must be presented , handed in and registered at the START of a Mortgage or R/E transaction. The card number must be included in the application or contract and a voucher is issued. After the closing, the voucher may be exchanged for cash or a prepaid visa card.

No, the gift cards have NO cash value until after the transaction has closed 100% and has funded.

No, all redemption must occur post closing.

Yes, you may transfer the card to anyone you like but they must follow all the rules for redemption.

Yes, you must hand in the gift card at the beginning of the transaction. Once you hand in the card you will receive a redemption voucher.

  1. First, you will have handed it in for a redemption voucher. If you still have the card it will not have been registered. 
  2. Second, You have used an MBN assigned agent to complete your transaction and your gift certificate # will be on your Mortgage application or Real Estate contract.
  3. Third, you will have a voucher that you redeem to the agent upon completion of your transaction.

You may redeem a maximum of 1 Mortgage Real Estate Gift card and 1 Mortgage gift card per property address provided you have completed both a Real Estate and Mortgage transaction at the same time on that property address otherwise it is 1 card redemption per completed transaction, provided:

1) You have completed both a Real Estate and Mortgage transaction using MBN Agents for each transaction you are redeeming a gift card for;

2) Both a mortgage and Real Estate transaction has occurred at the same time on the same property address.  The rule is 1 card per transaction type per property.

Similar to what happens with a restaurant gift card, they remain valid for your next transaction however, you cannot redeem them on the transaction that is already closed. The easiest way to think about it is if you had a restaurant coupon and you forget to give it to them. You complete your meal and then 2 weeks later you return to the restaurant wanting to redeem the coupon. Same situation here. The responsibility to redeem the coupon or gift c certificate is on the customer to present the gift certificate at the beginning of the transaction.

Yes, any company may issue gift cards to their customers as a company led incentive or inducement while it is illegal for an agent to issue inducement on their own accord without the blessing and broad policy of the brokerage, it remains legal and within the rights of the corporation and brokerage to issue gift certificates.