1. Click on “request gift card
  2. Complete the mandatory fields 
  3. Select the gift cards you like to receive 
  4. Input the four-digit text code to validate the request
  5. Verify your mailing address and make any necessary changes
  6. Once everything is confirmed your gift card will be mailed to you within three business days 
  1. If you are going to be the party using the gift card skip to “step 3- redeem your card”
  2. If you are giving away your gift card to another party click on “transfer”
  3. Input the gift card number located on the front of your card 
  4. Complete the information the person you are giving the card to 
  5. Input the four-digit code to complete the transfer 
  6. Give the card to the other person as it now belongs to them
  7. Once they are ready to proceed with a transaction click on “redeem”
  1. Click on the redeem button
  2. Enter the gift card number (located on the front of the card *note your name should also appear on the card)
  3. Complete the fields and register your mortgage number and/or Real Estate contract number 
  4. Hand in your card for the redemption voucher 
  5. After your closing submit your voucher for a check or prepaid visa